Diehl and Allen Announce “Blueprint for the Bay State” Policy Initiative

Click here to download the BlueprintJuly 21, 2022

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – On Thursday, Republican candidate for Governor Geoff Diehl announced a comprehensive policy plan for Massachusetts and its future.

Entitled “Blueprint for the Bay State,” the plan outlines eight different policy areas where Diehl and Leah Allen, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, intend to focus on once elected.

“Our state currently faces unprecedented challenges, and as a result, people are moving out of state in search of better opportunities elsewhere,” Diehl said. He attributed the problem to three separate factors:

  • The high costs of living and doing business in Massachusetts.
  • Power-hungry politicians taking away people’s rights and freedoms.
  • A state Legislature that keeps passing terrible laws, like giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and making mail-in voting permanent without any safeguards.

According to Diehl, the solution to these problems involves getting state spending and taxes back under control, and easing the high expense of consumer goods, transportation, housing, education, and health care. Diehl additionally said that people need to have a voice in their own success and in their kids’ future once again. The “Blueprint for the Bay State” addresses these and other needs across areas such as economic development, education, housing and infrastructure, and fiscal responsibility.

“Leah Allen and I are committed to making our state a place where people want to live and work, not a state they want or have to leave. That is why we are running this race, and that is why we are collectively providing this Blueprint for the consideration of the people of Massachusetts,” Diehl said.

According to Diehl, a series of individual policy planks will be released by the Diehl and Allen campaigns over the next few weeks, filling in detail under each policy area identified.

Diehl already has given his support to a ballot question to repeal a law giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and has repeatedly called for tax cuts for Massachusetts residents. He also has advocated for fiscal responsibility on Beacon Hill and pushed for election integrity and a greater role for parents in making school curriculum decisions. And, he has been a sharp critic of excessive COVID restrictions, vowing to rehire state workers who were fired for refusing to become vaccinated during the pandemic.

Please click here to download a copy of the Blueprint.