Diehl and Allen Support a Ballot Question to Repeal Law Giving Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

June 9, 2022

Geoff Diehl and Leah Allen, the Republican party’s endorsed candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, said today that they will support a ballot question to repeal legislation giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

“This bill is a bad bill. It’s not what I want, it’s not what Leah Allen wants, and it’s not what the people of Massachusetts want,” Diehl said. “Governor Baker himself has noted concern about public safety and electoral security if the bill is passed. Leah and I will not sit by idly and watch the consequences of this bill take away the safety and democratic rights of Massachusetts residents. We fully support submitting this question to the people to give them a direct say in their future.”

The announcement comes as members of the House and Senate voted this week to override Governor Baker’s veto of legislation to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. In his veto message, Governor Baker specifically indicated that the Registry of Motor Vehicles lacks the “expertise or ability” to accurately determine the identity of those who seek to obtain a driver’s license based on foreign documentation. As a consequence, according to the Governor, “a standard driver’s license will no longer confirm that a person is who they say they are.” Governor Baker also confirmed that the bill “significantly increases the risk that noncitizens will be registered to vote” in Massachusetts elections. Diehl and Allen have been vocal critics of the bill throughout its consideration by the Legislature.

“Leah Allen and I are unwilling to accept the consequences of this bill, which based on all available evidence, will be to seriously undermine the safety and security of Massachusetts residents and to threaten the integrity of our elections,” Diehl said. “We must exercise all available options to make sure this bill does not become law.”

Diehl is no stranger to the ballot question process. In 2014, Diehl led the “Tank the Gas Tax” campaign in Massachusetts to oppose a bill that would have established permanent increases in the state gas tax tied to the rate of inflation. Allen was also a supporter of the effort at the time. The group collected over 100,000 signatures from voters in opposition to the tax increases, and as a result the tax increases were rejected by voters at the ballot box that fall. As a result of Diehl and Allen’s efforts, drivers across Massachusetts have saved money every time they have filled up at the gas pumps since then.