Diehl to Baker: “Reject the Pork!”

July 25, 2022

BOSTON, Mass. — Geoff Diehl, Republican candidate for Governor, issued a call today for Governor Charlie Baker to line-item veto millions upon millions of dollars worth of pet projects passed by Beacon Hill Democrats in recent days.

“The ruling party on Beacon Hill prioritized vast spending on earmarked pet projects to bolster their own political future, and in so doing they are squandering the future of working families in our state,” Diehl said. “They wasted surplus revenue that could have been returned to taxpayers to offset the high cost of living or put toward Local Aid. Even worse, they put politics ahead of passing legislation to prevent violence against women — legislation that I steadfastly support.

“The Legislature’s priorities are shameful and despicable, and somebody needs to say ‘enough’. I know my opponent, Maura Healey, lacks the courage or the political will to stand up to her allies in the Legislature. She sides with the establishment; I side with the people, and I’m not afraid. I urge Governor Baker to line-item veto every single piece of political pork and send it back to the Legislature. And, I urge the Legislature to pass the Governor’s anti-domestic violence legislation forthwith. Send the ruling party on Beacon Hill a message on behalf of all Bay Staters — no more waiting, no more wasteful spending, no more games. The people have had enough!”