Statement of Geoff Diehl Regarding Gas Tax Suspension

June 7, 2022

Geoff Diehl, the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, issued the following statement today calling on the Massachusetts Legislature to immediately reconsider its work on the state budget (which is currently pending before a conference committee) for the purpose of including a new provision to suspend the state gas tax through Labor Day:–

“Today, for the first time ever, the statewide average price of gasoline for Massachusetts drivers reached $5.00 per gallon. This is an unprecedented situation and it’s one of many crippling high prices facing Massachusetts residents these days. One way to grant some temporary relief from these prices would be to temporarily suspend the state gas tax. I have long advocated for such a move. However, state lawmakers refused to include any tax relief in the state budget during their recent deliberations.

In light of recent events, I am calling on state lawmakers to immediately send the budget from conference committee back to the House, so that a provision for the immediate suspension of the state gas tax from now through Labor Day can be added and sent to the Governor as part of the budget. Further delay and inaction on this important priority is completely unacceptable.”

Diehl is well-known for having led a successful ballot campaign against permanent increases in the state gas tax tied to the rate of inflation back in 2014. Over 100,000 voters signed a petition to place the question on the ballot, and the measure passed that year, saving Massachusetts drivers tax money every time they fill up at the pump. During his current campaign for Governor, Diehl has consistently called for state lawmakers to suspend the state gas tax, temporarily, to provide tax relief to Massachusetts residents trying to make ends meet amidst rapidly-rising cost of living.