We are determined to make Massachusetts a better place to live. Our commitment is grounded in my support for certain policies to promote the Bay State’s safety, affordability, and sustainability.

It’s also backed up with a special emphasis we place on individual freedom and opportunity.

We pledge to serve the People of Massachusetts with honor and integrity, to work hard on their behalf, and to focus on certain priorities that are important to the Bay State:


  • Supporting Economic Development, including support for small businesses, job creation and job training, women entrepreneurs, and efforts to improve tourism;
  • Improving Education, including empowering parents and ensuring school safety;
  • Revolutionizing Energy, including a greater commitment to renewable energy and promoting energy independence;
  • Protecting the Environment, including measures to safeguard coastal and other environmentally-sensitive areas;
  • Imposing Fiscal Discipline, including allocating state resources responsibly, with robust support for Local Aid, and without policies that harm taxpayers;
  • Defending Freedom, including support for individual liberty, Constitutional rights, and the fight against unfair government mandates;
  • Promoting Government Accountability, including ways to reform state agencies by using innovation to improve the delivery of services to the public, and restoring trust in the integrity of our elections;
  • Expanding Housing, including making housing options more accessible and affordable;
  • Upgrading Infrastructure, including smart, sustainable investment for critical needs, especially in western Massachusetts and Cape Cod; and,
  • Ensuring Public Safety, including support for first responders, getting tough on crime, and a commitment to the continued fight against opioids.
  • Together, we can make Massachusetts a better place to live, in 2022 and beyond.

Blueprint for the Bay State